Taking in the Historical Value of the Great City of New Orleans

Although NOLA has a reputation for being a party city, there’s nothing better than this charming area regarding food, culture, music, and history.  The historic value of New Orleans can’t be understated, and it gives everyone the opportunity to connect with the surrounding culture and feel like they’re a part of something incredible.

These are the top things to reconsider in cultural and historical context, and why NOLA is such a big deal!

Why New Orleans’ History Matters

New Orleans has one of the longest and most interesting histories in the country.  From the indigenous people who have lived on this land for thousands of years to French, Spanish, and then English, colonization, and the painful history of slavery and racism, there’s a lot of history to learn here.

This city has changed hands multiple times and lived through enough lives that any single ten-year period can be stacked with enough history that it could take ages to learn.

The Food and Drinks

The food and drinks in NOLA come from many different influences.  From enslaved Black people who brought their own cultural flavors to the French and Spanish colonization that introduced even more, there are clear reasons why the food in New Orleans is unlike anything else some people have tried.  Not only do these flavors tell a story about the history of the Big Easy, but it also helps people stay connected through generations.

The Incredible Music

Music is a huge deal in New Orleans, and it’s played a hand in everything from race relations to feminism and so much more.  From antiquated laws that didn’t allow Jazz to be taught in schools until the 2010s to the history of a serial killer that demanded live music so he wouldn’t strike, this is a city that’s filled to the brim with a connection to sound.  If you’re hoping for a quiet town while looking at New Orleans houses for sale: look elsewhere.

Fun Holidays and Celebrations

Most people think of Fat Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras, as a simple excuse to party, but it has its roots in spring and fertility rites and is a remnant of the initial French occupation of this area.  Although this pre-lent tradition can go all out and get wild, it’s a preparation for abstinence and fasting that makes it so special.  Simply looking at it as a drinking and partying night doesn’t do the holiday justice.

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Importance of Honoring the Dead

Honoring the dead is something big in every single culture, and in New Orleans, it’s celebrated in its own way.  From celebrating the lives with music and partying to the massive importance of the ghost stories and cemeteries that cobweb through the city, it’s vital to understand what immense loss this city has gone through and how it deals with that pain.

New Orleans Strongly Connected to the Past

As modern as this city is, New Orleans is fiercely connected to its roots as a southern city that’s lived under the rule of multiple flags.  If you’re ready to learn an interesting history and want to connect with a city that is fascinating and vibrant at the same time, there’s nowhere better than NOLA.

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