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My natural health comes from two important fields. And both of these areas that I believe are very important to maintain everyday natural health. Once you realize the importance, then you can start putting it into your daily routine, almost easily. Two areas that will do more for your good health than anything else, are your diet and your health choice.

First, your diet. Most people have a bad diet, rich in cooked food, animal protein and processed food. After you realize that this is a food to reduce drastically, or avoid at all, then you can slowly start combining steps into your diet, with your own pace and in your own way. Foods cooked change and destroy important nutrients. Raw food is more nutritious.

Animal protein makes your body sour. Ideally your pH must be neutral. In addition, animal protein is practically cooked, so it can provide a double problem for your natural health. Processed food is stripped of their free nutrition nutrition, it is important for healthy digestion. For example, white sugar is stripped (using heat) of all other minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are important to digest properly and easily and use it.

Synthetic ‘food’, such as sweeteners, taste, color, preservatives, minerals, vitamins, and other supplements are not naturally digested and can cause great damage to your body. For example synthetic calcium can cause kidney stones and abnormal bone growth. The high diet of fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, (especially raw) with only occasional deviations, is likely to make you healthy naturally and reverse many problems.

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