What makes a good health coach?

Of course there are many qualities that make someone a good health coach. Although of course it makes sense for someone in the health and welfare industry, it is not necessarily a requirement to become a health coach.

This article discusses some of the basic qualities of what makes someone good health or health, regardless of the background.

One quality like that is the ability to communicate with empathy with people. Empatikan communication will encourage clients to accept you as trusted health coaches. What this means is that health coaches can identify with their client’s feelings, thoughts, or attitudes. Using empathy can cause an increase in the relationship between health coaches and clients.

Another quality associated with empathic communication is to really listen, actually to listen effectively. A coach needs to be trained to listen effectively because people vary in their communication skills. Some clients can express themselves clearly while others may not. A trainer needs to be aware of the various needs of his client base and how coach / client communication and listening skills affect the interaction.

The health coach must abandon his personal opinion from the training session. The coach needs to really not judge. Health coaches really should not judge their clients based on their personal standards or opinions. Most coach training will be a way of aware of this and has self-control not to allow its personal opinion to be communicated.

Other fundamental quality of health coaches is integrity to store all information about client secrets. Coach / client relationships are based on trust and clients must be sure that the coach can be trusted with personal problems.

In addition, the coach still has to be rather a mentor, the guide advisor and cheerleader are all wrapped in one! The health coach must allow clients flexibility in the agenda of each session, but the coach must also guide a session conversation so that it is effective. The client sets its own purpose, again with the guidance of the coach. The coach may be a little challenging clients if the goal is too blurry or too big. In the latter case, the coach can suggest a smaller “bite size” goal so that the client has a better chance to achieve this goal. Of course, all success is celebrated.

In short, there are many qualities that must be owned by a health coach and there are also many of their roles. Every coaching relationship will be different and the health coach must be a little flexible. The coaching relationship in some cases grows into a lifelong friendship too.

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