Women’s technicians in the car body improve the development of welcome

Two newest news articles recently highlighted the fact that even though stereotypes and appearances, automatic body repair business is not an exclusive domain of men. To be sure, women have been present in automatic repair business for decades but more often than not, this is on the side of business administration. These two women, one teenager and the others are a little older, really know the nuts and bolts from business.

The first article recorded the achievement of a teenage girl technician who won the auto state body repair championship competition, providing a field dominated by men. By doing that, the native Wisconsin won for $ 10,000 dollars plus several grants and scholarships as a result of his success. His appearance in the State Championship automatically won a slot at the National Expertise Championship in Kansas City. Here, he finished 10 against more than 40 male competitors. This additional achievement gets his recognition from the female industrial network, an association that seeks to increase the role of women in the collision repair industry through education and sharing resources. But regardless of the repairing skill, he was not set on his career path because the prejudice he met along the way.

In another news release, the business of repairing the 5 decades of old car body which was run by a 58-year-old daughter from the founder of the store was quoted because of its achievements throughout the year. Getting recognition of the quality of work and professionalism of personnel, this special workshop does not make the difference between hiring male and female technicians. Skills and attitudes are taken into account for this CEO, not gender. And this attitude has manifested itself in consistent quality of his work. But the innovative touch is to have a female employee wearing a pink shirt. Apart from proudly displays the existence of women’s technicians in stores, the owner of the body’s automatic body repair shop has found that women’s customers feel more comfortable about seeing, and talking to, women who treat them the same.

In both cases, the initial exposure to the car’s body fabrication and the atmosphere close to the car will make these two women comfortably in this industry. When the car repair industry complained about the decline in labor in this sector, seeing female technicians as a professional who were both capable in the car repair industry of the car body was breathing fresh air.

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