Predice in special education – what can you do?

Are you parents from a child with autism, learning disabilities, or physical defects that have struggled to get your child’s special education? Do you think that special education personnel come to individual education meetings (IEP) who have decided about your child’s placement or service? This article will discuss predictions, special education, and ways to overcome them.

Individuals with disabilities of the Education Act (IDE) state that a child has the right to free public education (FAPE). Parents have the right to be involved in all decisions made for their child education. Special education personnel can bring the concept of IEP to meetings, but only if they are willing to change IEP to allow parents input.

Predendingasi defined as school personnel made unilateral decisions about a child before the IEP meeting, without the input of parents, and refused to listen to the input of parents during the meeting. Or the school district personnel presents it take it or leave it. If parents carry information that a child requires certain related or special education services and evidence that children need it, school district personnel are needed for at least “Consider” input. The problem is that many special education personnel have decided or determined what placements or services will be offered.

In the case of a well known predation, the court found that a school district had an unofficial policy to deny all requests for applied behavioral analysis programs (ABA); Even though there is evidence that a child needs it. In this case parents pay for a private ABA program where children make extraordinary progress. The school district is eager about the progress of children until parents ask for replacement; Then they refused to pay. The court found that the school district would not listen to their parents or experts, about the needs of children for ABA. This is the availability and court decide that parents have the right to replacement for private ABA programs.

In other predetermination cases, the court found that despite evidence that a child made great progress in private schools, and continued to require services offered by private schools, the school district only placed children in private schools because they were planning plans to transmit it to the district-based placement. They refused to listen to parents or parents experts, that the child needs to continue to attend private schools to receive the Fape. The court decided that this was a guarantee; And the child can continue in private schools at public costs.

My opinion that predetermination occurs when a school district makes unilateral decisions about children’s education even though there is conflicting evidence, and rejecting the input of meaningful parents. Also when taking or let it be served to parents.

How to Overcome Predice:

1. Bring the documentation of your child’s education needs at the IEP meeting and sharing with special education personnel; The school must consider all the information brought by parents.

2. Parents must be a meaningful participant in the IEP process. Submitting court decisions for special education personnel that if parents are not allowed to participate meaningful in the development of their child’s IEP, tapis predation and rejection can be found.

3. If special education personnel still refuse to allow you to enter or only provide one option for service or placement, consider state complaints for ideas violations.

4. Having an independent education evaluation (IEE) carried out in your child to determine the related and specific education services needed by your child.

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