Repair Windshield – Important Services from Automatic Body Repair

When talking about collisions and automatic body repairs, many discussions range from paint, component repairs or replacement, body straightening and panel leveling. But one aspect of automatic body repairs shopping may forget is the windshield and glass window on the car.

Although there are many DIY products on the market for repairing windshields, there are still many cases when damage to glass requires replacement. There are many special service stores that offer repairs and replacement of windshields, but for automatic body and collision repair stores, replacing the windshield is a step in automatic body repair that can be converted into full service. After all, the skills and knowledge needed to replace the windshield are already there, like the relationship with the supplier of a windshield, so what should be kept a car body workshop offering this additional service? Maybe it turns out to be an important income center for business.

While dare to improve small cracks on the windshield of their own car, most car owners are quite wise to know that extensive damage requires a replacement glass. They also know that this work is best handed over to skilled professionals because the failed work will produce a leaked windshield or induce wind sound at the highway speed. And in the case of heavy accidents, the resulting rollover actually really destroys the roof because the modern windshield installation uses this component as part of the car accident protection feature. Try removing the urethane adhesive bond of the windshield to the frame and you will understand what we are talking about. If the insurance investigator finds a damaged repair, you might even get a claims rejection.

Talking about insurance, a store can tell its customers that the most comprehensive policy allows replacement of windshields if damaged and replacement needs. Even if the customer must issue a small amount, automatic body repair stores need to explain that the windshield is an important safety component and no compromise that must be considered in that matter. If necessary, show it to online video customers who show small windshields that develop severe fractures, instant cars pass through holes or even speed bumps. Industrial standards currently use windshields made of laminate glass that resistant damage consisting of 2 layers of glass plus layer polyvinyl butyrate (PVB). When influenced by debris, sharp glass pieces will obey the PVB layer, thereby reducing the danger of flying glass. The polyvinyl layer of butyrate in laminated glass also has a bearing effect, helps protect the occupants of the car during a collision.

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